Hello! I’m Katelyn Brown. As I’d had lots of expertise, I chose to share my knowledge of anyone who wants it. That’s the reason I started a site dedicated to the design where I had been going not just to share my understanding and expertise but also to talk about various things in pottery and also to review some technical equipment, such as pottery wheels.

Welcome to the exciting world of ceramics and pottery

Clay material was always a fun subject, and it remains today. A good deal of individuals uses ceramic tableware not wondering exactly what and how it’s constructed from. It needs to be noted that jelqing can be utilized both as meals for cooking and table decorations or inside overall.

Once I was at college, I attended some nightclubs at which I discovered just the fundamentals and analyzed to generate the easiest earthenware. This hobby climbed in something and that I became intensely involved with the area of pottery craft. Years passed, I’d got a great deal of expertise and decided to share all my understanding. In my website, I talk about knowledge, ideas, and only excellent disposition. Also, I need to share my overview of the very best pottery wheels.

History of my creation

 When my parents discovered my hobby, I sent me to private pottery classes. However, I did not stop at this phase. With getting much expertise and knowledge in this field, my curiosity about pottery craft was growing. That is why I went farther; I ended pottery college. Due to it, I heard a lot of specifics of clay modeling. It allows me to get deep within clay modeling. But despite my extensive expertise and understanding, I am still improving my abilities today.

Being significantly involved in my hobby I faced many problems: among these was finding a fantastic school where I might find a high degree of instruction. The next difficulty was information. There’s hardly any information relating to this topic. Even online tools do not provide it. You can’t discover the info concerning the corresponding gear. It became one reason why I began the site and based my studio.

At present, I’ve got a studio in which I teach. I share my excellent experience with my pupils that makes me feel very happy. I believe it’s a matter of taste and pottery seemed to become mine. Earthenware, mainly handmade, isn’t just decoration but also memory, but even the entire background because every substance is connected with certain events in my personal life.

Why I set a studio

Studying pottery broadens the brain, empowers self-realization and develops imaginative thinking. Possessing vast experience I wish to discuss it with young men and women. One of my aims is to come across young talents and let them in their beginning. I am delighted with that. As you can see from stated previously, I enjoy working with kids and young people, developing and helping them. And needless to say, I’m always pleased to make folks contented.